Corporate Compliance

In its simplest form, Corporate compliance is the ability to ensure that all employees have access to the latest policies and are trained on them or have at least attested to having read and understood the policy. Many areas of the organization can leverage the QUMAS EDMS for their document needs. Some of these functional areas include

Marketing – version control and distribution of the latest marketing literature
HR – version control, distribution, training and compliance with corporate policies
IT – version control and lifecycle management of project documents
Legal – version control, collaborative review, electronic approval of contracts and agreements
Sales – life cycle management of forecast reports, compensation plans, prospect and customer contracts

QUMAS Solutions are enterprise strength for document management as well as business process management and perform a wide variety of functions in a compliant organization.

Download this webinar on the Key Reasons to Consolidate Your Compliance Activities on a Single Platform - with increasing pressure on costs and on margins across Life Sciences, the industry must move away from tackling regulatory compliance and content/process management with point solutions that address specific, individual regulatory challenges - point solutions that are not integrated and do not provide consolidated quality and compliance management across the entire organization. As patent, pipeline and budgetary challenges increase, so too do the reasons to consolidate as many regulatory compliance activities as possible on a cohesive regulatory compliance and business tracking solution on one platform:

• Reduce support and maintenance costs
• Lower training and validation costs
• Drive reporting efficiencies
• Provide overall better business performance through your compliance initiatives