There is a large (and still growing) trend from the large Pharma companies to collaborate with an ever increasing number of Contract Organizations in order to extend their revenues in new ways. This shift is playing havoc with the supply chains of the large firms and forcing them to adapt or outsource to meet the challenge. Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies now need to collaborate on content and projects across a growing ecosystem of partners, suppliers, sponsors, contract organizations and so on. This increased diversification is coinciding with the removal of costs from the business through large redundancy programs and closure of non-core sites or capabilities. It is creating huge opportunity for the Contract Organizations that can demonstrate their ability to collaborate and to maintain regulatory compliance.

The QUMAS Collaboration Solution enables Contract Organizations to prove their abilities and compliance – by ensuring your house is in order, and by welcoming audits and ensuring they are managed professionally and smoothly, you can gain the edge on your competition, and become the supplier of choice to the industry. QUMAS Collaboration Solutions enable you to collaborate and operate efficiently and compliantly in their partner ecosystem, delivering core content and process management capabilities both on premise and in the Cloud. For more information, download these webinars on

Watch this video of QUMAS CEO Kevin O’Leary presenting on ‘Compliance Collaboration across the Global Supply Chain’ at the Pharma Integrates Conference in London in November 2012