Reporting & Dashboarding

The ability to provide reports and dashboards on the key metrics of performance and activity is critical to any organization implementing an electronic compliance system. Business intelligence helps answer questions such as:

  • Where are the bottlenecks in my business?
  • Are agreed to SLAs being honored?
  • Can I view information by site, product type, time period, etc.?

These are questions that are particularly pertinent to all Contract organisations, and by utilizing the QUMAS ComplianceUnity dashboards and reporting functionality, managers are in a position to gleam this information at the click of a mouse. The ability to export this information and provide it to sponsor companies on request or during audits, insures that they are confident in your ability to run your organisation.

QUMAS ComplianceUnity provides the following capabilities to Contract organisations:

  • Pre-configured Business Dictionary (Compliance Data Universe).
  • Compliance Data Universe provides business-centric view of compliance data.
  • Advanced Filters to drill down to detail level data for investigation and action.
  • Hyperlinks to workflows and documents in MyQUMAS/DocCompliance.
  • Export, Print, Email and Microsoft Office integration to ensure maximum accessibility of information.