Quality Assurance Software for Generics

The key to the success of any Generics company is the ability to control costs while consistently producing a reliable product of high quality.  As virtualization takes place across all sectors of the Life Sciences industry, nowhere is this trend more meaningful then in the manufacture of generic drugs.  With the growth of the supply chain, as well as it's globalization, the ability to automate control of all aspects of the manufacturing process is vital to your success.

With the passage of the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act (FDASIA) back in July, and the start of the Generic Drug User Fee Act (GDUFA)  on the 1st of October, 2012 Generic manufacturers are now living in a very different world.  Faced with the ever growing burden of Regulatory Management around the globe, today’s generics companies need to be able to market their products in as many regions as possible, and do so quickly in order to realize a return on their investment. 

Watch these webinars to learn more about the changes in the regulation of the Generics Industry, and how to address them:

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