Reporting and Dashboarding

While much of the emphasis of Quality Management systems is rightly focused on capturing information, tracking processes, alerting individuals of actions needed, and providing support for audits, one area that is overlooked is the potential benefit of making use of all of the information captured in the system. Management reports and dashboards pull out the information that is already captured in the system, and provide key metrics of performance, trends, and activity history. Properly defined business intelligence reports help to highlight trends and problem areas, such as how many of a certain type of issue may be occurring, where they are occurring most frequently, etc., possibly pointing to design or implementation issues in one site versus another. Information can be sliced and diced, and viewed by site, product type, time period, etc.

The QUMAS ComplianceUnity dashboards and reporting solutions provide executives and line managers with critical real-time information, condensed into easy to see and understand charts, graphs, and reports, empowering fast and better decision making. With the click of a mouse on the charts, management can drill down several levels into the more granular record level detail if needed. There is also the ability to export this information and share it with other key stakeholders both inside and outside of the organization.