Learning and Training Management Software

One of the key components of regulatory compliance is to demonstrate that your employees have been properly trained and certified to perform their tasks in accordance with standard operating procedures and policies. QUMAS effectively manages the training process, by integrating with NetDimensions Learning, to provide an automated process for compliance training and management.

Within NetDimensions Learning, QUMAS compliance content and documents can be viewed and converted easily into effective and measurable training.  Similarly and just as easily, popular third-party courseware can be imported, launched, and tracked.

The combined QUMAS-NetDimensions solution provides the following:

  • A highly scalable and configurable environment for launching, tracking, and managing interactive corporate compliance training
  • Employees can access corporate policies, company training modules or any SCORM-compliant content
  • Supervisors and managers can track operational compliance, view dashboards, and export reports detailing user progress, grades, course enrolments, course completions, and time spent taking courses
  • Significantly reduces the time needed to create and deliver critical training