QUCOMM (User Group)

QUCOMM- QUMAS User Community

In June 2007, the QUMAS User Community or 'QUCOMM' was formally launched by the QUMAS User Group Steering Committee. The User Community is to be run 'for the users, by the users'. The Steering Committee is made up of 13 client companies, representing the wider spectrum of QUMAS customers in terms of life science clients.

How can QUMAS users become involved in QUCOMM?

QUCOMM membership is open to all QUMAS users. As a QUCOMM member, you will receive regular updates from the QUCOMM Steering Committee, and will be consulted for your input and feedback on various issues. Membership is open to life sciences clients, with the aim of the group to represent all QUMAS users irrespective of industry sector.

If you are interested in becoming a member please complete the following form. Click here or alternatively, visit www.qumascommunity.com

For further information email info@qumas.com or alternatively if you would like to contact the QUCOMM Steering Committee directly, email qucomm@qumas.com.

What are the benefits of joining the QUMAS User Group?

By joining QUCOMM, members can benefit from the following:

  • Ability to network with your peers
  • Enhanced professional development
  • Ongoing communications with QUMAS executives, development, support and product marketing functions, among others, via the Steering Committee
  • Ongoing knowledge sharing on QUMAS applications, new products and future product previews, exchange and best practices
  • Ability to influence QUMAS product development and futures via the Steering Committee

QUCOMM provides a forum for information exchange and mediation in partnership between our client community and QUMAS in pursuit of excellence, customer satisfaction and accountability through:

  • Gathering Feedback
  • Sharing Ideas
  • Fostering Best Practices
  • Influencing Practical and Strategic Product Direction
  • Disseminating Information
  • Providing a Sounding Board for QUMAS Management via the QUCOMM Steering Committee