QUMAS ComplianceUnity

World Class Business Intelligence Solution - QUMAS ComplianceUnity.

A major challenge facing highly regulated companies today is the creation of a unified, consistent view of all compliance-related information across all functions. This view is crucial in enabling the company to comply with state, federal and international government regulations. Real time, actionable information is key to the success of a compliance program, enabling the identification of the areas of greatest risk so that they can be targeted and addressed appropriately.

   "QUMAS products have helped Hollister be a more nimble company," said Dawn Porter, Compliance Process Lead at Hollister. "We now have much better visibility of compliance activities across the entire company and can see how a problem in one facility could potentially impact additional facilities, and then take the required steps to prevent the problem from occurring globally."

QUMAS ComplianceUnity delivers an integrated view of your enterprise's compliance health, providing oversight across all functions, as well as drill down to detailed incident information. A variety of approaches are available for viewing information, by regulation, by functional area, by role, by risk level, and so on. Access to all information is in real-time, is consistent, and is accurate. All reporting and scorecarding in ComplianceUnity ultimately leads to quality control and assurance, providing not only oversight, but actionable information where issues are identified.

  • Graphical compliance dashboard providing oversight across business areas and compliance projects
  • Tailored company-specific view of compliance: analyze by your organizational taxonomy - product, category, location, etc.
  • Drill-down to actionable compliance data for investigation, remediation and planning of proactive compliance initiatives based on real-time data
  • Secure-role based access to your dashboard from a web-browser, providing 24/7 access to your critical compliance data
  • Simple to create custom reporting provides specific views across your organization, as well as out-of-the box reports

Out of the box Dashboard reports include:

  • Compliance Trends: Document Release History, Workflow Release History, R&U Completion History, Average Workflow Duration By Type
  • Document Review: Documents Due for Review, Documents Overdue for Review
  • Workflow: Delayed Workflow Panels By Type, Workflow Status Summary, Delayed Workflow Panels By Group
  • Read & Understood: Pending R&U By Document, Pending R&U By User, Pending R&U By Group

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