QUMAS Enterprise Scanning

Legacy or paper-based documentation can create a major obstacle to the smooth running of a business: How do you get all of your paper-based documents and SOPs under control in your EDMS? How do you bring new acquisition or partner, with a legacy system, online with your organizational practices? As business operations become increasingly electronic and paperless, electronically controlling legacy documents becomes mission critical. QUMAS provides a complete, end-to-end Enterprise Scanning Solution to address scanning requirements across your organization.

The QUMAS Enterprise Scanning Solution offers two types of scanning:

  • Late Archiving: Scanning of archived and/or paper materials, where content is already known and indexed, to bring them under control in QUMAS DocCompliance
  • Synchronous Scanning: The scanning of active content, such as Clinical Trial Data, as it becomes available, creating indexing as it is scanned into control in DocCompliance

The QUMAS Enterprise Scanning Solution contains:

  • In-built quality management & control: Each scanned document is autosubmitted to the repository
  • Seamless integration with DocCompliance Workflow to control the creation of effective documents within the repository
  • Real-time monitoring & control: Single view of all activity — picking up completed scan jobs & auto-submitting processed jobs to the Compliance Repository, reporting on jobs that have started but not finished, jobs not reconciled, ability to manually reconcile & to preview a job before submission
  • Scan job creation & configuration: Create a scan job that describes the document you are planning to scan — including metadata and various options to control the creation of the document within the Compliance Repository e.g. manual verification required, auto approval, expected page count
  • Generation of cover pages for each hardcopy document using a templatebased approach
  • Tightly coupled scanning integration between office scanners and DocCompliance, multiple scan stations configurable to provide the Enterprise Scanning Solution across multiple facilities
  • Late archiving capability at high volume, reducing paper mountains efficiently
  • Suitable for a compliance-sensitive environment

For more information, download these webinars: QUMAS Enterprise Scanning Overview and Implementing Sound Document Management for Regulatory Submission Documents or review this analyst coverage: Conquering the Last Paper Mountain — The Impending Extinction of Paper Master Records.

  There are many areas where the QUMAS Enterprise Scanning Solution will benefit your business: 


  • Initial paper document load; Acquisition of new product or company or moving product manufacture from one plant to another; Sub-contract interactions
  • Central Audit of distributed documents: access centrally to documents for facility audit; on site document storage; central management and control; General audit access to batch records
  • Disaster recovery; document retention and integrity
  • Support for recall process; automatic complaint and CAPA registration

Research & Development

  • Regulatory Archive; CRF forms; Case History files; Clinical documents etc
  • Interaction with CROs: invoice processing; continuity of process with all third parties; loading document from diverse variety of sources and pulling activities from multiple sources together in one controlled system; centrally located supplier documentation.

This Enterprise Scanning Solution is available for QUMAS DocCompliance.