Scanning and Migration Management Solutions for Life Sciences

As business operations become increasingly electronic and paperless, electronically controlling legacy documents becomes mission critical. QUMAS provides a complete, end-to-end scanning solution to address scanning requirements across your organization. Offering two types of scanning solution, Late Archiving and Synchronous Scanning, the QUMAS scanning solution contains:

  • In-built quality management & control.
  • Seamless integration with DocCompliance Workflow to control the creation of effective documents within the repository.
  • Real-time monitoring & control.
  • Scan job creation & configuration.
  • Generation of cover pages for each hardcopy document using a templatebased approach.
  • Tightly coupled scanning integration between office scanners and DocCompliance, multiple scan stations configurable to provide the scanning solution across multiple facilities.
  • Late archiving capability at high volume, reducing paper mountains efficiently.
  • Suitable for a compliance-sensitive environment.
These components allow for multiple benefits across both Manufacturing and Research & Development.

QUMAS Enterprise Scanning is a hands-off solution that can take paper right from the scanner into the EDMS and apply metadata, approval signatures, and versioning information automatically without manual intervention.

QUMAS DocTransfer provides for ad hoc batch import and export of documents as well as the ability to set up Watched Folders where documents can be automatically picked up by the system and imported with the right metadata and put into workflows.

For more information, download the webinars:

QUMAS Enterprise Scanning Overview

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