Technical Services

QUMAS technical services provides for the implementation and ongoing support of solutions for QUMAS enterprise level clients.

Technical Services include:


Technical Account Management

The QUMAS Technical Account Management (TAM) program provides for the implementation and ongoing support of solutions for QUMAS enterprise level clients. When you sign up to the TAM program, a primary TAM representative is assigned to take dedicated ownership of the successful implementation of your QUMAS Solutions and of the critical, ongoing support of the installed solutions. Your TAM will come to learn your technical and operational environment in detail, and will be responsible for Program Management and/or Architectural and Technical Guidance. TAMs report into the QUMAS Professional Services division, ensuring that necessary resources are close at hand.

Who is your TAM?

All TAMs possess combined product knowledge, real-world experience, and a client-focus which will help you deliver the most advanced and responsive solution support to your end-users and stakeholders. All TAMs bring, at a minimum, the following experience and education:

  • 5 years relevant experience with a minimum of 1 year experience in QUMAS Solution Implementation
  • Exceptional organizational and presentation skills, both verbal and written
  • Excellent data analysis skills to identify trends and recommend solutions to clients
  • Knowledge and experience with QUMAS DocCompliance, QUMAS ProcessCompliance and related Third Party Applications


The TAM should be considered an extension of your internal team. They are your advocate for resolving issues, for escalating services needs and product enhancement requests. They are there to make your project successful, especially during critical times like final testing and production deployment. Your TAM will:

  • Build and maintain exceptionally strong relationships with your team and add value through an appreciation and quantitative understanding of your goals
  • Monitor and escalate technical service requests as required
  • Assist in the onsite troubleshooting of issues
  • Provide details and answer questions regarding new product releases
  • Act as a direct liaison to product development and technical support experts
  • Communicate with application vendors on your behalf
  • Provide a conduit for networking and sharing best practices with other customers
  • Assess your business objectives in order to understand key drivers and metrics, gather technical requirements and translate into documented solutions
  • Provide overall responsibility for technical project implementations and managing internal resources for the duration of a given project
  • Work directly with you to manage the technical configuration of systems and reports to meet your business needs and provide ongoing support
  • Perform ongoing analytical reviews of your existing solutions and evolving requirements to identify areas to increase solution value, and to ensure that you are leveraging our solution (and your investment) to its maximum.
  • Effectively manage the escalation process of your Severity 1 and 2 issues, owning all customer care issues, driving quick resolution

Note – Although the TAM will be responsible for monitoring, escalating (when needed) and reporting on the status of support calls; the customer is still responsible for logging support calls per the proper support channels.

Standard TAM Deliverables include (at the customers request):

  • Strategic Success Planning
  • Architectural Documentation
  • Technical Design Documentation
  • Localized Environmental Configuration and Operations Manuals
  • Deployment Planning
  • ROI Analysis
  • Product Roadmap Workshops
  • Technical Issues Reporting and Management
  • Regular Status Reporting

Customer Benefits:

Under the TAM Program, you will benefit from consistent and valuable direction for critical decisions by leveraging your TAM’s implementation experience and product knowledge. Leveraging the TAM Program for strategic support as part of your team will help you to avoid common integration pitfalls. Your TAM can detail the best practices and work with you for on-the-job mentoring and coaching. The TAM representative possesses comprehensive knowledge about the products and services being implemented and combined with our TAM Resource Pool can help you to increase implementation effectiveness. Your TAM offers onsite support to help mitigate risk and resolve issues quickly and effectively, resulting in a better return on investment and a lower total cost of ownership.

QUMAS Technical Account Management (PDF)


QUMAS Remote Assist

The goal of this program is to help you to improve end user problem resolution times and also improve overall customer satisfaction. This integration of Server, Application and Change Management Support leveraged over your mission-critical applications insures minimal end user service interruption. The program also aims to provide you with a proactive, secure-remote service (VPN or WebEx) that ensures early identification and fast resolution of issues, while maintaining a low cost point and minimizing business disruptions.

Program Objectives

The QUMAS Remote Assist (QRA) program has a number of primary objectives:

  • Increased Application Availability – Leveraging sophisticated toolsets, the RA Team will monitor your application servers 24/7/365 for issues, errors, and various system failures, for immediate alert and resolution of issues before they cause you business interruptions
  • Ensure Optimized Performance - Perform routine server maintenance (including hotfix installs) and reviews to ensure optimal performance, identify potential issues, giving your IT personnel more time to attend to other non-QUMAS related matters
  • Enable your valuable senior resources to maintain their focus and allocate its valuable time and expertise to more business-appropriate tasks
  • Tightly integrate into our customers' existing support and systems management protocols, as well tightly integrate into QUMAS Support
  • Establish and maintain efficient Call Triage & Support Case management practices for prompt escalation to the right resources
  • Establish and maintain Standard Procedures, Forms, and/or Work Instructions to facilitate reliable and easy-to-follow processes for all impacted parties
  • Establish and maintain a ready-response mechanism for implementing Minor change controls for application-side changes
  • Establish and maintain both a routine and on-demand process for Application Administration
  • Establish and maintain a knowledge transfer policy to ensure that problem resolutions are effectively communicated back to the Application Support Desk (or equivalent), so re-occurrence resolution cycles can be continuously improved
  • Application Server Support - Act as the escalation

QUMAS Remote Assist brochure (PDF)


Custom Crystal Report Writing

You can't manage what you can't measure. In today's fast-paced business world, it's even more critical to optimize your use of reporting tools to create the type of reports that cut to the heart of complex business issues and empower purchase decisions. The way that you organize and present the data in your reports can make the difference between clarity and lost opportunity. Crystal Reports is a proven and popular Business Intelligence application that helps you design, manage and deliver business reports. The operation of Crystal Reports and the construction of reports, however, are not easy tasks for the untrained. QUMAS trains customers on how to leverage their crystal reports training and/or experience to develop reports for QUMAS DocCompliance.

Our Crystal Report Writing team is composed of skilled consultants who are available to work at your site as an integral part of your team or remotely where we will take responsibility for delivery of your reports. Options are also available within Crystal Reports to post reports to web-sites, send them via e-mail applications such as Outlook, Lotus Domino, MAPI or export to a number of different formats (HTML, Word, Excel, XML, PDF, Crystal RPT, RTF, TXT or via ODBC to external databases). Sample reports created for other clients, include:

  • Annual summary reports for workflows created during a specific date interval with minimum, average, and maximum durations
  • Annual summary report for workflows created during a specific date interval sorted by workflow type
  • Read and Understood reports (excellent for audit purposes)
  • Document approval time for effective documents (cycle times)


  • Cost-effective development of custom Crystal reports through the use of experienced developers
  • Optimal technical design and implementation of reports which leverage application design
  • Targeted and tailored training to meet client-specific report writing objectives, ensuring client self-sufficiency
  • Automate the creation of decision support data to cost-justify additional purchases and document ROI of current programs


DocCompliance Health Check Series

Examining your QUMAS Solution periodically to improve performance and identify potential issues is crucial to keeping your business running optimally and well-positioned to handle future growth. QUMAS has developed a series of offerings designed to help you achieve your systems optimal health and better align IT with business requirements.

The QUMAS DocCompliance Health Check Series consists of 3 elements:

  • QUMAS DocCompliance Application Health Check
  • QUMAS DocCompliance Systems Health Check
  • QUMAS DocCompliance Database Health Check

QUMAS DocCompliance Application Health Check

Application Health Check is a periodic assessment of the configuration and use of DocCompliance to ensure ‘Current Best and Common Practices’. A QUMAS Solutions Expert will initiate a discovery session with your administrators and/or users to determine possible improvements in the use of the product. The review covers all configurations and integrations including: Doc Types, Workflow Types, Groups, External Drivers (e.g. forms, procedures), Versions etc. and provides recommendations. The Solutions Expert will also conduct a review of all open support cases, providing an opportunity to close-out or add issues, and informing you of new functionality. The results are documented in a ‘Review Checklist’ to ensure all issues are addressed and the correct resources are engaged during subsequent Health Checks. Deliverables include:

  • Assessment Report based on initial survey including recommendations
  • Coordination of follow up sessions with other QUMAS professionals as required


  • Ensure optimal QUMAS usage and performance
  • Leverage best practices and consulting knowledge
  • Maximize the return in your QUMAS investment

QUMAS DocCompliance System Health Check

System Health Check is a periodic assessment to benchmark the operating condition and performance of your application. A Technical Consultant will perform this analysis, reviewing all system components to confirm optimal installation settings and reconcile any discrepancies, reviewing recent logs/errors to isolate the root cause of any performance issues. Additional components include:
Review of the compare, auto-population, rendering/printing and reports services, as well as localized configurations
Assessment of the utilization of the hardware configuration including CPUs, memory and disks
Review of the software environment utilization, including its architecture, background processes, and startup parameters (assuming the Application Health Check was performed)
QUMAS will also examine the database operations as appropriate but the full Database Health Check is available separately. Deliverables include a report detailing conclusions and recommendations for improvements in your environment.


  • Identify the root cause of performance issues to improve response times
  • Ensure all components are performing optimally and have sufficient resources
  • Report = blueprint for continued finetuning of your QUMAS implementation

QUMAS DocCompliance Database Health Check

Database Health Check ensures your database is properly optimized. Significant revenue savings can be realized by eliminating the need for database consultants; database performance and availability can be greatly improved. Performed by a qualified QUMAS Solutions Database Specialist, this health check includes a review of: database architecture standards; database and object parameters; table space set-up; scheduled jobs; overall performance; indexes as needed. Deliverables include a report summarizing all activities and recommendations for improvements.


  • Immediately realize performance and stability improvements
  • Maximize the performance of your database
  • Proactively identify the source of hidden problems

The QUMAS Health Check Series Program Approach

A typical project approach to any QUMAS Health Check consists of:

  • Discovery - A complete review of all open support cases by a Consultant and Technical Lead, providing an opportunity to close-out or add issues
  • System Assessment - A comprehensive review of all QUMAS servers including configuration and HW/OS specifications, which are compared to current IQ’s and best practices, documenting any deltas
  • All findings are reviewed by a series of QUMAS experts (support, development, services), and short and long term recommendations are documented
  • A presentation is made to the client covering the key points and considerations of the findings and recommendations
  • The client will be provided the following deliverables at the conclusion: Discovery Document, Final Report, and Final Report Presentation.

If you’re interested in scheduling a QUMAS Health Check Program, please contact your Account Executive, or e-mail us at

Note: You can opt for any combination or start with one check and progress to others as schedules and budget allow. QUMAS offers all three components with a fixed-price, fixed-scope, proven approach. Purchasing individually is dependent on time and materials.

QUMAS Health Check (PDF)

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